Benefits of a Thread Lift


A thread lift can be a minimally intrusive aesthetic treatment which can help to enhance the appearance of drooping epidermis in the neck and face. The treatment requires the application of good, absorbable threads which are placed under the pores and skin. After set up, the threads are dragged tight so that you can lift your skin layer. As well as supplying a quick lifting result, the threads also stimulate collagen manufacturing, which assists to improve the appearance of the skin as time passes.

How Does a Thread Lift Work?

A thread lift (การร้อยไหม) is actually a minimally intrusive plastic procedure that can help to boost the look of loose epidermis around the face and neck. The process involves the application of great, absorbable threads which can be put within the epidermis. When in place, the threads are pulled small in order to lift the skin. In addition to providing an instant picking up impact, the threads also induce collagen production, which assists to boost the look of the skin after a while.

The Process

Throughout a thread lift procedure, your physician can certainly make little incisions within your pores and skin. Through these incisions, they will likely then insert lean threads made from absorbable materials such as polydioxanone or polylactic acid. The quantity of threads used will depend on your particular goals for treatment along with your doctor’s recommendation. Once the threads happen to be in place, they are pulled limited to get the desired raising result. Occasionally, your medical professional might also safe the threads with knots so that you can further more assistance your elevated pores and skin.

Recovery & Final results

Recovery from a thread lift is often fairly simple and fast. The majority of people feel sufficiently to return to their standard actions within just a few days after their treatment. Nevertheless, it’s crucial that you steer clear of intense action or exposure to sunlight during this time period so as not interfere with healing process. You should also rest with your mind increased for around 1 week following your thread lift to be able to minimize irritation.