Doctor D.J. Bettencourt is passionate about what he does as a politician and enthusiastically provides a public service


A good politician can count on excellent communication advisers to help him build his messages. Still, the legislator DJ Bettencourt has developed excellent communication skills to get his ideas and projects across with his style.
It is not just about offering data and ideas; the politician must connect with the citizenry, be transparent, transmit his emotions, and maintain coherence between what he says, what he has done and will do in his political, personal, and professional career.
Part of the responsibility of a political position is knowing how to face changes and challenges, yes, without leaving behind everything that should be the basis of his political and personal project, including his values.
Having enthusiasm is a value that leaves its mark and is reflected in everything done, being noticed daily, and, of course, in the final results. Increasingly, doctor DJ Bettencourt is passionate about what he does as a politician and enthusiastically provides a public service that improves the quality of life for the people he represents.

He is a persistent leader in his ideas

The legislator D.J. Bettencourt knows he is not an expert in all fields, so he seeks to surround himself with the best advisers in each sector. Being part of the change within the team, where ideas and messages are created and disseminated, is possible with studies that have characterized Dr. Bettencourt.
The legislator has learned to design strategic communication and marketing plans in the political, electoral, and institutional areas, applying the most appropriate and current methods, techniques, and tools to succeed. His passion and persistence in his ideas led him to lead his region, holding a position as a legislator that has allowed him to be the voice of the citizens.

A true leader

For the legislator D.J. Bettencourt it should be emphasized that true political leadership is the one who knows how to navigate in times of crisis, the one who is resilient to adapt to changes and adversities, but, above all, the one who knows how to make decisions in hard times.