Protected Text: Encryption for Everyone


With all the rise of technologies, privacy and protection have finally become a top concern for everybody. Texting and instant messaging made it easier and faster to convey, additionally it enhances the issue of security. Typical text messages usually are not privnote always secure, and they could be easily intercepted, leaving behind your private data subjected. The good news is, you will discover a means to fix this matter – Shielded Textual content, your protected text messaging remedy.

Safeguarded Text message was created with personal privacy and safety in mind. It is actually a totally free-to-use messaging iphone app which is designed for both Android os and iOS devices. Shielded Text performs according to conclusion-to-finish encryption. Consequently the communications between users are encrypted to ensure that no person, not even the service provider, can understand or access the communications. It offers secure, private messaging, making certain your computer data is safe and confidential.

Shielded Text is also user-warm and friendly. The iphone app is simple to use as well as simple to create. You may create teams with family and friends, which lets you communicate and reveal information with them securely. The person graphical user interface is neat and easy-to-use, which makes it an easy task to get around, and it allows you to easily search, look at, and manage your communications.

Furthermore, Safeguarded Written text provides an additional coating of stability, the burner information characteristic. This attribute enables you to deliver information that can self-destruct right after a specific period of time, like messages that happen to be sent through Snapchat. This is wonderful for when you need to deliver delicate details that needs to be erased after it offers served its goal.

Protected Written text also takes fantastic attention with the private data of its customers. It will not store any details – your messages are simply stored on the gadget. You can also delete chats from the system, that is good for removing out old information and minimizing mess.


Safe messaging has turned into a necessity in this electronic digital age, and Protected Textual content is a wonderful solution. It includes conclusion-to-conclusion encryption, effortless-to-use user interface, as well as an additional coating of protection. Should you wish to make your sms messages, pictures, and video lessons private, then this option would be truly worth trying out. Acquire Safeguarded Written text and make sure that your connection keeps safe and assured, usually.