Tips and Tricks for Bandsaw Blades Maintenance


Taking care of your bandsaw blades is so important if you want them to last. So gather round for some serious blade care knowledge! Let me give you some tips for maximum blade life.

First things first – never, and I mean NEVER leave that saw running if you’re not cutting. I’ve seen blades snap in hours just from idle spinning, what a waste! And always release tension on blades when not in use. Leaving it tight all day is plain asking for trouble. The blade will age faster and wear out the wheels and bearings way faster than needed.

Next, always apply just enough steady pressure when cutting – going too slow or fast will tax those teeth quickly. And keep your saw properly maintained to reduce vibration.

When not in use, I like to wipe down blades and coat them lightly in a preserving oil. This protects the steel. And always store blades flat, never coiled up.

Inspect blades regularly for any cracks or bends in the teeth. A damaged blade needs to go in the trash before it causes problems.

Now sometimes instead of trashing a dull one, all it needs is a good sharpening to get back in action. Sharpening blades can breathe new life as long as the teeth aren’t twisted or worn down too far. Normally you can get a couple resharpens before retirement, really extending the value. And there’s a few ways to hone those teeth back up.

Manually is totally doable with a file. Go slow, keep an even angle, and lots of lubrication. Check your progress so you don’t over-file. Or step it up with a mechanical sharpener. These machines really get the job done fast while keeping a consistent edge. Perfect if you do a lot of blades.

And tension is important too – too loose and the blade will wander, too tight ages it fast. Follow your user manual for proper settings.

Check wheels regularly too for flat spots. Over time the rubber can flatten out which throws blades off track. Check occasionally and resurface or replace if needed to keep blades running true.

Finally, regular cleaning is a must. I like to wipe blades off after each use to remove debris. Then a light coat of oil keeps them protected when stored.

With these tips, you can really stretch the life of quality bandsaw blades. Keep them clean, sharp, and tensioned right for smooth sailing on every project!