When you have urological problems, it is best to visit Dr. Erik Goluboff


A timely visit to the urologist can avoid a late diagnosis that requires uncomfortable treatments for patients and would even help to discover a benign disease in time, providing effective treatment that allows improvement.
Early diagnosis through Dr. Erik Goluboff is extremely important since it allows the detectionof tumors in the early stages of their evolution; therefore, they are curable with the appropriate treatment. On the other hand, one must be active in searching for this disease since it is asymptomatic in its initial stages.
Urology is the medical-surgical specialty whose objective is to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases of the genito-urinary system in men and of the urinary systems of both women and men. However, there are details and areas of attention that patients ignore regarding this specialty. Did you know, for example, that urology also deals with women’s diseases?
Dr. Erik Goluboff is a medical specialist who cares for pathologies related to the urinary system of women and men and the male reproductive system. As in almost all medical specialties, people visit the doctor when they feel symptoms indicating a health problem.

A specialist who takes care of your health

Dr Erik Goluboff has extensive experience in the field of urology. All the check-ups and interventions necessary to care for his health can be performed in his urological clinic. Contrary to what is believed, urological diseases can affect us at any age, even the youngest; however, they are much more frequent in adulthood that can develop diseases such as infections, tumors, infertility, and erectile dysfunction.

A doctor who relies on the diagnosis

First, you should make an appointment for a general check-up with the urologist. When attending the day of the appointment, Dr. Erik Goluboffinterviews the patient and asks for his age, allergies, medical and surgical history, treatments, and questions about whether there is a urinary problem, then performs the tests it deems relevant to the diagnosis of the patient.